Photo Credit:  John Weatherby

"Doubt Kills More Dreams Than
Failure Ever will"

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First time skydiving! It was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had! I will admit, I am not a fan of heights or the sense of actually falling off the side of something, but skydiving is different. You get in a beautiful Cessna and head up over 14,000ft way above the clouds. On the way up you’re just chatting away with friends, family, or playing some appropriate music in your head to ease your nerves of the occasion. They asked if I wanted to jump first on the way up which I was actually excited about and gladly accepted! People ask, “Do you like the fall or the float better?” And honestly, once we got in position it was awesome just free falling flying through the air. Once the parachute opened and we were slowly floating to the ground, we did some 540 spins and had some fun but nothing beats jumping out of a perfectly good plane falling toward the earth. The scenery was absolutely incredible and there is nothing else like it! Can’t wait to fly again!

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